The After Math two new iPads, two new Windows Phones and Instagram news

Did Apple manage satisfy your cravings for a new iPad? Maybe that new Mac Pro has got you readying a preorder, if only for the illusion of the power user that you one day hope to be. After a year’s break, the return of Nokia World coincided with Apple’s soiree, but the Microsoft-aligned phone maker actually had more new hardware to show off, including a pair of new Windows Phones, its first Windows tablet and a brimful (that is, three) of Asha phones. Leaf the digital page over to see both events reprocessed, vitamin-enriched and in numerical form.

  • Weight of the new iPad air: 1 lb
  • Weight of the new iPad Mini Retina: 0.73 lbs
  • Weight of the first iPad: 1.5 lbs

DNP The After Math two new iPads, two new Windows Phones and Instagram news

  • Nokia’s new Asha 500 feature phone price: $69
  • Number of Asha phones you could buy for the price of a Mac Pro: 43
  • Reduction in Mac Pro’s energy consumption compared to previous model: Up to 70 percent

The After Math Apple's two new iPads, Nokia's new Windows Phone champions

  • New Nokia devices announced this week: 6
  • Nokia Lumia smartphones announced since 2011: 17
  • New Apple devices announced this week: 2
  • Apple smartphones announced since 2011: 3
  • WhatsApp users on Nokia devices being added per day: 250,000
  • Number of active WhatsApp users (as of August 2013): 30 million
  • Whatsapp’s place in the iPhone’s “All-Time Top Apps”: No.18
  • Total Number of iOS apps downloaded: 60 billion
  • Number of iOS apps available: 1 million
  • Number of Windows Phone apps available (as of August, 2013); 170,000
  • Instagram app launch date on iOS: October 2010
  • Instagram app launch date on Android: April 2012
  • Instagram app launch date on Windows Phone: TBD (“In the coming weeks“)
  • Number of ‘likes’ on Nokia’s first official Instagram photo: 367
  • Number of ‘likes’ on a recent selfie of Kim Kardashian in a bathing suit: 972,164

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