Ikea Is Turning Its Very First Store Into a Museum

In addition to the obvious—meatballs, for most of us—there are many joys inherent in an afternoon pilgrimage to an Ikea showroom, not least of which is sitting on, reclining over, picking up, and/or putting down every damn thing you wander past in the cheery furniture labyrinth. Now the Swedish superstore wants to open a museum—does that mean visitors will suddenly be bound to the ol’ look-but-do-not-touch decree?

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Belkin has announced that their new Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air, the latest in their line of Qode products. The Thin Type, which is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, comes in at less than 4mm thick, and can act as a cover for your iPad.

The Thin Type uses Belkin’s TruType keys for responsive typing. Like other keyboards, Belkin’s latest offers a range of iOS-specific function keys, as well as one-touch Bluetooth pairing. The keyboard supports the iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation, letting you adjust the viewing angle as needed. Belkin claims that the Thin Type Keyboard’s rechargable battery is capable of 79 hours of active use. The keyboard will automatically turn off whne it senses that you are not using it.

The Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air is available now from the Belkin Store and other online retailers for $99.99.

Will you be picking up the Qode Thin Type keyboard for your iPad Air? Let us know below in the comments.

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Why Toenails Turn Yellow

Have you ever seen the toenails of your grandfather and thought he might be a troll? Those yellow, misshapen and brittle nails tend to make small children cringe, and in response, he wears knee high black socks with sandals.

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Explore Cool Urban Bike Routes From The Comfort Of Your Couch

Today is the first of May, and May, my friends, is National Bike Month. That’s right! Time to celebrate the wind-in-your-hair freedom that is flying down the streets on a two-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle. So here are some cool first-person vids of cycle routes in cities around the world.

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If everyone else is sharing what’s on their iPhones then you know I want to get in on the fun! The iPhone is the single most important, most critical piece of tech I own. It’s what keeps me on time, keeps me connected, and keeps me having fun! Since my Home screen is pretty much default — I’m lazy! — I’m including some of my favorite apps from my second screen as well. And yes, I still don’t update applications very often. I don’t like change. I don’t like learning new interfaces and I don’t like that I can’t go back to a older version of an app if anything goes wrong. And, hey, this is my iPhone!

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"Desire Lines" Are the Real Future of Urban Transit

For many cities, the grid of the streets and transit systems were likely laid down long before the buildings grew up around them, thanks to the rigor of planners and engineers who knew best. But as cities transition in ways that challenge the century-old plan, they need new and quick ways to improvise connections between areas of growth. These are known as "desire lines."

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Google Sent Out Broken Glass to Try on "For Look Purposes Only"

Is the only thing holding you back from entering the world of Glass the fact that you can’t decide which color best brings out your eyes? Worry no more. Google’s fixed the problem by sending potential Explorers all four colors of Glass’ Titanium Collection . And because this is just about about how great(?) you’ll look in Glass, those test units are entirely, 100 percent non-functional.

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